product care

Unique fibers

Llama fibers are naturally stained, odor and wrinkle resistant. 

For this reason, llama garments can go extended periods between cleanings. Here are our suggestions for taking care of your garments and ensure a long lasting time. 


Cleaning knitwear pieces

1. Wash in warm water with a gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly in same temperature water. Don’t wring or twist.

2. Carefully support the wet garment while laying it on top of a dry towel. Push the water from the garment (don’t wring or twist) by rolling up the towel and squeezing the water into the towel. If there is a lot of water, you may need to replace the towel and repeat.

3. Air dry the garment on top of a dry towel on a flat surface.

Never place llama knitwear on a hanger; the garment can stretch out of shape. The best way to put away your garment is to lay it flat on a shelf or in a drawer. For all of our jackets coats, jackets and vests, we recommend cleaning with an eco-friendly dry cleaner.


Woven garments

Cleaning Woven

For all of our jackets coats, jackets and vests, we recommend cleaning with an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

Cleaning Knitwear

Cleaning Knitwear

(including sweaters, cardigans, and some vests and accessories)

Hand washing is the best method for cleaning Llama knitwear. It adds years to the life of your garment. However, not all of us have the time or patience to hand wash our clothes. In this case, we strongly encourage you to find an eco-friendly dry cleaner near you (see above).

cleaning hats and gloves

Cleaning Hats and Gloves

All hats and gloves (not the leather ones of course) are machine-washable, with cold water. We suggest they be placed in a pillowcase or one of those mesh laundry bags. They should then be left to air dry.

Woven garments

Storing your apparel and accessories

Make sure your llama products are clean and dry before you put them away for long-term storage (little critters like moths enjoy dirty fibers better). We suggest placing everything in a cedar chest during extended storage. Inside the chest, as well as in your closet or dresser, we also suggest including some cedar chips or lavender.


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