Bonalla naturally beautiful

We invite you to discover our brand universe: rare and precious products, synonymous of beauty and wellness. We create timeless pieces that last season after season. Essential pieces that will form the basis of your closet.

Rajni 100% Baby Llama Cardigan
Isabel 100% Baby Llama Beige Blanket
Ananda 100% Baby Llama Poncho

We at Bonalla believe in the potential and exceptional qualities of Bolivian fibers.


We provide a modern take on knitwear with exceptional quality products. Through a creative design we deliver luxury and well being.

What we stand for


Our fibers comply with high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Every piece is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. We take pride in being one of the only ones that create high-end llama products that can compete with the best luxurious natural fibers of the world.           


The exceptional quality of our fibers is experienced  through the lightness and softness of every piece. Many of our products use the beautiful natural shades of the llama fiber without the addition of dyes, what makes them environmentally frendly.


Through a mix of hand-made and machine-made elements we create novel designs and high-end fashionable llama and alpaca clothing. Pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, we continuously extend our know-how and explore the possibilities of our natural fibers to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.      


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